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org::codehaus::janino::IClass Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::codehaus::janino::IClass:

org::codehaus::janino::ClassFileIClass org::codehaus::janino::ReflectionIClass

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Detailed Description

A simplified equivalent to "java.lang.reflect".

Definition at line 42 of file IClass.java.

Public Member Functions

abstract Access getAccess ()
IClass getArrayIClass (IClass objectType)
IClass getArrayIClass (int n, IClass objectType)
final IClass getComponentType ()
final IClass[] getDeclaredIClasses () throws CompileException
final IConstructor[] getDeclaredIConstructors ()
final IField[] getDeclaredIFields ()
final IMethod[] getDeclaredIMethods (String methodName)
final IMethod[] getDeclaredIMethods ()
final IClass getDeclaringIClass () throws CompileException
final String getDescriptor ()
final IMethod[] getIMethods () throws CompileException
final IClass[] getInterfaces () throws CompileException
final IClass getOuterIClass () throws CompileException
final IClass getSuperclass () throws CompileException
IField[] getSyntheticIFields ()
final boolean hasIMethod (String methodName, IClass[] parameterTypes) throws CompileException
boolean implementsInterface (IClass that) throws CompileException
abstract boolean isAbstract ()
abstract boolean isArray ()
boolean isAssignableFrom (IClass that) throws CompileException
abstract boolean isFinal ()
abstract boolean isInterface ()
abstract boolean isPrimitive ()
abstract boolean isPrimitiveNumeric ()
boolean isSubclassOf (IClass that) throws CompileException
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String[] getDescriptors (IClass[] iClasses)

Static Public Attributes

static final IClass BOOLEAN = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.BOOLEAN_)
static final IClass BYTE = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.BYTE_)
static final IClass CHAR = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.CHAR_)
static final IClass DOUBLE = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.DOUBLE_)
static final IClass FLOAT = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.FLOAT_)
static final IClass INT = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.INT_)
static final IClass LONG = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.LONG_)
static final IMethod[] NO_IMETHODS = new IMethod[0]
static final IClass SHORT = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.SHORT_)
static final IClass VOID = new PrimitiveIClass(Descriptor.VOID_)

Protected Member Functions

abstract IClass getComponentType2 ()
abstract IClass[] getDeclaredIClasses2 () throws CompileException
abstract IConstructor[] getDeclaredIConstructors2 ()
abstract IField[] getDeclaredIFields2 ()
abstract IMethod[] getDeclaredIMethods2 ()
abstract IClass getDeclaringIClass2 () throws CompileException
abstract String getDescriptor2 ()
abstract IClass[] getInterfaces2 () throws CompileException
abstract IClass getOuterIClass2 () throws CompileException
abstract IClass getSuperclass2 () throws CompileException

Protected Attributes

IField[] declaredIFields = null
IMethod[] declaredIMethods = null

Package Functions

IClass[] findMemberType (String optionalName) throws CompileException

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

Map declaredIMethodCache = null
IMethod[] iMethodCache = null

Private Member Functions

void findMemberType (String optionalName, Collection result) throws CompileException
IClass getArrayIClass2 (final IClass objectType)
void getIMethods (Map result) throws CompileException

Private Attributes

IClass arrayIClass = null
IClass componentType = null
boolean componentTypeIsCached = false
IClass[] declaredIClasses = null
IConstructor[] declaredIConstructors = null
IClass declaringIClass = null
boolean declaringIClassIsCached = false
String descriptor = null
IClass[] interfaces = null
final Map memberTypeCache = new HashMap()
IClass outerIClass = null
boolean outerIClassIsCached = false
IClass superclass = null
boolean superclassIsCached = false

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean DEBUG = false
static final Set PRIMITIVE_WIDENING_CONVERSIONS = new HashSet()
static final IClass[] ZERO_ICLASSES = new IClass[0]


class  IConstructor
class  IField
class  IInvocable
interface  IMember
class  IMethod
class  PrimitiveIClass

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